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April 25 2014

Whatever the occasion a matching look

On special occasions we offer you elaborate updos, fantastic gala hairstyles particularly attractive friendship price!

Free bride advice

No services for bridal hairstyles includes, among other things, a detailed and free consultation. Of course, we offer you on this special day also like professional recommendation in finding the matching hair jewelry and other accessories for a perfect bridal outfit .

Your personal bridal styling

Together with you and your ideas is to create our target a hairstyle that suits your own individual type and on this special occasion and with which you are personally fully satisfied .

Your personal Bridal Make Up

On request we can also make your personal and suitable bridal make up to it.

An updo between 12-14 € for long hair is our contribution to the most beautiful moment of your life . If you enjoy your stay with us and you are satisfied with our service, so you may like to also recommend us to friends, relatives or work colleagues.

Here I want to tell you how looks our part of the wedding preparation :

Reserve early a date for the sample and for the actual wedding day. In the sample date , our stylist will jointly develop with your hairstyle and make-up and try. For sample you best bring a photo of the wedding dress , the hair jewelry that you want to wear , ( we can also help out accordingly) and a digital camera (we also have one handy) . They get us a selection of images from magazines or magazines to help you select the optimal wedding hairstyle . If you have a particular hairstyle in mind this is not a problem. Just bring along a corresponding photo. The selection of the wedding hairstyle depends on the style of the wedding dress and the length of your hair.

Basically there are four different styles of wedding hairstyles you can build:

  1. Ambitious hair
  2. Half Ambitious hair
  3. Open curls
  4. Topknot ( high or low)

If you choose to curl , the length of your hair but you can not with sufficient Extensions ( Hair Extensions ) enable compression and extension of the hair and thus achieve long hairstyles .

With loosely attached strands they can complete a feengleiche appearance. When choosing a node, you can take in order to compress your hair the absence of hair disposable inserts and enrich . The hair color plays a major role in the overall styling. An out -grown , washed or faded hair color degrades the hairstyle and therefore your full Auftreten.Daher you should renew your hair color and the streaks necessarily 4-5 days before the wedding . Freshly dyed hair will get the shine of your hair, and intensify and so let the hair appear as whole beautiful and perfect .

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